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Rasa Mateviciute – Lithuanian visual artist and illustrator based in London, UK.

She grew up in Lithuania where she studied at Klaipeda University Recreational Architecture. Art has always been a passion of hers since she was little and knew she wanted to be an artist.

She started photography back in 2012 as a hobby and until now it is still a huge part of her life.

Years went by and she realized that photography was the perfect medium to share her thoughts and ideas with others, as well as a great tool to combine with her other passions – home decor and illustration prints. She puts extra attention to all the elements to include in the final image like colours, props, mood, story, and meaning.

Her process begins with quick intuitive sketches often inspired by natural forms; These form the source material from which the rest of her work stems. Her hand-drawn images are photographed and created into vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. She then isolates areas of interest and starts to refine the images, bringing in more intentional composition exploring the shapes and figures as well as creating a mixture of colour swatches.
She also combines different mediums of materials to create her final pieces.

Rasa’s illustration style swings between pop art, figurative minimalism, and conceptual and abstract expressionism. The most common subject in Rasa’s art is a woman, sometimes in a nude abstract shape, diverse people, and animal personification.

Rasa’s other passion is restoring old picture frames, also buying interesting objects from antiques, charity shops, and markets, giving them a second life, and using them for either her artwork or home decor.

She is based in South London, between Greenwich and Blackheath, and getting inspiration in and around Deptford and New Cross area.