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Limited edition prints available at my SHOP.

Rasa Mateviciute, rasadesign.art, rasadesign

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My latest projects and what I was up to.

All of my artwork is hand drawn on paper with ink, pen and pencil. Each ILLUSTRATION is vectorized and edited using AI (Adobe Illustrator).

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Photography is one of my favorite fields where I’m not afraid to experiment and wander around.

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Painting… the smell of oil paint always excites me. Canvas and easel could easily be my partners in crime, acrylic paint can join the crew too.

Writing was always my passion. At the moment all my writings are in my native Lithuanian language. The latest project ”Vaikystės Prisiminimai” is about my memories from my childhood.

Rasa Mateviciute, rasadesign.art, rasadesign

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Interior decoration is playing a very important role in making your house feel like a home. Home décor is helping me to appreciate the space where I live, bringing me happiness and comfort.


Accessories give more importance to your personal style, taste and preferences.