”Oliver’s Jazz Bar 2021”

Hand-drawn jazz bar illustration print by Rasa Mateviciute 2021, rasadesign.art

This piece represents coordinated chaos with not too strict rules applied, just like jazz music with an experimental approach and improvisation.

Oliver’s Jazz Bar in Greenwich (London), is one of my favourite Jazz spots. I was inspired by this place while I was drawing the illustration. Although Oliver’s Jazz Bar ceilings are very low and it’s in the basement, the music carried me to the imaginary ballroom with great columns, tall curtains and a tiled floor.


Reverse direct print on 5mm laser cut clear acrylic with polished edges. Backed up with white back vinyl and 1 mm foamboard on reverse. Pair of aluminium split battens, ready for hanging.

Overall size: 400mm x 800mm.

This print is a limited edition 2/2.

x1 SOLD to private collection, one more available.
Contact me for purchase.

Published by rasadesign.art

My name is Rasa Mateviciute and I’m artist based in London.