”1500 Paper Clips Lamp”. I made this mind blowing living room lamp out of 1500 paper clips! For my round base, I made the cut file for aluminium composite panel including hundreds of holes to pin down the clips. Later had this piece routed on CNC machine. After long hours cliping pieces together came up with this design. As a cherry on the top, I decorated this lamp with silver incense burner I bought in Barcelona’s street market.

”Long Tassel Fringe Lamp”. Tassel fringe reminds me a posh ballrooms and gorgeous dresses. I created this beautiful lamp for the bedroom. Initially, for the round base I used a vinyl record, but for safety reasons, I replaced it with aluminium composite panel I had cut out using CNC machine.

”Mask Lamp”. Nothing to do with Covid-19! Found this amazing copper mask and metal wire basket in Deptford street market. Combined these two elements with retro bulb and cable, made this cool looking lamp for a living room. The light shines through mask’s eyes and metal mesh, creating amazing reflections and atmosphere.

”Bike Wheel Lamp”. Love cycling and love upcycling. Had this old road bike tire, and decided to use it for different purpose. Bought myself a couple of meters of LED lights and AC adaptor for 230 V socket. Shines really cool and bright light in my corridor.

”Grater Lamp”. Bloody Mary! Made this great grater lamp for my kitchen. The light shines through different holes, makes my kitchen more cosy and inviting.