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There is no other place like home…

Into the Fields

My very first outdoor photoshoot with my first DSLR camera. My parents and grandmother were really keen to take part and be my models. It was taken 2012 in Lithuania my small hometown Vėžaičiai. It was an unforgettable photoshoot. Four of us were carrying a very heavy metal frame bed and all the props to the fields. It was definitely worth it.

My sister took part in our family’s black & white photo album later on indoors…

…same as my husband.

© R. Mateviciute

At Christmas I made this garland out of an old book, after the holiday, it’s got a new purpose and suited well as a collar.

Museum at home

During the first Covid lockdown, recreations of renaissance paintings went viral all over social media, so I decided to give it a go too with my family bubble members.

I was inspired by Dutch painter Frans Hals and recreated photograph portraits with my Nikon D5600 camera. Male portrait (Jacob Pietersz Olycan 1625), Female (Anetta Hanemans 1625).

© R. Mateviciute

Different painter, different angle. This time inspired by another Dutch painter Thomas de Keyser and his painting ‘Musician and his Daughter’ (1629).

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